Q: Why do the prices keep going up?

A: We only raise prices in response to increased cost. Rental costs continue to be the main culprit. However, we always work hard to provide the best experience for the lowest cost to you.

Q: What if I want to ski/snowboard more than two days?

A: We may be able to provide you with additional passes if you notify us before we buy passes, otherwise your best bet is to ask a fellow attendee with an Ikon Pass if they have any friends & family discount tickets left on their pass.

Q: What if I don’t ski/snowboard or can’t or don’t want to?

A: When paying, simply select only “Membership” and “Room”. Some people will ski/snowboard one or no days so there will likely always be people around, and the lifts close at 4pm, so everyone will have returned from the mountain around that time.

Q: I want to have certain person(s) in my bed/room/house. How can I make these desires known?

A: You can enter this information under “Attending/Preferences” and we’ll take it into consideration.

Q: Why isn’t my old account working?

A: We deleted all accounts from the old website. You’ll need to make a new one!

Q: What technology did you use to create this site?

A: WordPress, html, php, javascript, and css.

Q: Who did the banner and icon art?

A: Edi

Q: FSW conflicts with [event/con], would you consider moving it?

A: We don’t currently have any plans to reschedule the dates for FSW. Almost all dates have some conflict, so we’re always trying our best to accommodate that fact. Additionally, we have to consider optimal ski conditions as well as housing availability, and those combined make our available window rather narrow.

Q: Can I attend and stay offsite?

A: Unlikely. We strongly discourage this as we feel it negatively impacts the experience and cohesiveness of the group.

Q: I want to come up for the day. Can I do that?

A: FurrySkiWeekend is intended to be enjoyed on and off the slopes. We do our utmost to provide a fun environment for folks to forge new friendships and build upon existing ones, all against the backdrop of enjoying downhill mountain activities in fursuit.  

Each year we encourage anyone who’s interested to apply, because every year we strive for a balance of new and repeat attendees. This is extremely difficult, given the very limited number of spaces we have. However, it is very important to us that we can continue to provide the intimate and exceptional experience that has made FSW such a desirable destination vacation. We don’t believe we can scale the event any further without sacrificing that quality.

We understand that this is disappointing to many of you, as you very much want to be involved. Though we can’t officially have everyone along, the mountain is public space, so you’re welcome to drop by for all public portions of the event.

If you do come, we do have a few small asks:

  1. The FSW houses are for attendees only. They’re paying a lot for the experience we provide, so it simply wouldn’t be fair for anyone who isn’t to take advantage of what we provide.
  2. We have good rapport with the resort, and would very much like to preserve that. So please:
    • Treat the staff, the resort, and everyone around you with kindness and respect.
    • Do not identify as part of the event if you are not.
    •  Be careful! Fursuit skiing and snowboarding is difficult and dangerous. We personally look after all those with the event, but we simply can’t shoulder the burden of looking after everyone who might show up. We don’t want you (or anyone else) to get injured, and we don’t want to give Copper a reason to ask us not to return.

Q: Is my account publicly visible?

A: No. Only registered users can view your information, or that you’re even on the site.

Q: I want to make some of the information I entered in my profile private. How do I do that?

A: Each field will have a checkbox under it that will allow you to set the information to private.

Q: Has anyone gotten approved just because they have a hot fursuit?

A: No, but it doesn’t hurt ;P